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Core SEO the Best Features

Data Aggregators

We Syndicate Push your core data each month to all 4 main data aggregators. Doing this refreshes the ‘date-time’ stamp on your foundation data so that your business data is seen as premium, fresh & highly-reliable. This in return builds great trust with Google & other search engines and ultimately your customers.


Our partnership and with your core business listing data makes it easier for millions of consumers to find and reach your business on the Internet.

Neustar Localeze

Our premier partnership has over 100 search platforms, directories, navigation systems, mobile applications, and more.


With a partner and leader like Acxiom with more than 45 years in core ethical data use and identity,  it is dedicated to helping businesses and their core foundation data achieve superior results by creating experiences that deepen customer connections.


Our relationship with Factual focuses on location data for local search, mapping/navigation, social/messaging, mobile advertising, and payments — data about where places are and how to better understand people based on their geographic behavior.

Brand Visibility

Be seen

One of the most important aspects of running your business online is your visibility. After all, if people can’t find you, you won’t be able to convert them into customers. With our services, you can be sure your website will get the boost it needs to increase your visibility and help attract the right people to your website. With the right search engine optimization, Internet users who are most likely to become your customers will visit your site and are much more likely to convert into customers.

Reviews and Reputation

Protect your brand

One of the first things Internet users look for before they decide to work with a company is what others have said about their experiences. Reviews can play an integral part in building your reputation and helping you make the right impression with your visitors and potential customers. However, there will inevitably be bad reviews posted, whether you earn them or not. In these situations, our experts can step in and provide the damage control you need to ensure your reputation means positive overall.

When we detect any negative reviews or feedback, we will help you respond to it appropriately. Whether you were at fault or it is disgruntled customer, we can help you handle the issue with ease and work toward repairing your reputation online to keep your business in a good light.

Social Media Marketing

Powerful experience managing social networks

A positive online presence requires more than an easy-to-use, attractive website. You need to also consider adding social media to your online arsenal. However, many business owners have difficulty managing their social media. The good news is you don’t have to. With our social media management services, you can get the effective social media presence you’re looking for without taking extra time out of your day. We will make sure you are easily found on the appropriate social media platforms, giving you the chance to reach even more people and interact with your customers and prospects.

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool. Allow us to put it to work for your business.

Competitive Analysis

Dominate local competition

How do you stack up against your competitors? If you don’t know, you aren’t going to be able to make improvements to give yourself the advantage. With our competitive analysis, we will go in-depth, helping you see how you stand up against what your competitors are doing. We can then help you create a plan to give your website the boost it needs to outshine your competitors. We will help you improve your performance and encourage prospective customers to choose you over the other businesses in the same industry.

Once we complete the analysis, you will easily have access to all of the data and reports generated, giving you a clear picture of where you stand in terms of your competition. You will be able to see what needs to be done and how to track your success.

Search Ranking Monitoring

Track rankings on Google

Some companies will complete your search engine optimization and leave you to your own devices. When you work with our team, you won’t have to worry. We will make it easy to monitor your search rankings so you can see how well you are doing and track the forward progress of your website. If you aren’t tracking your rankings, you won’t know if what you are doing is working for you. With our software, you will be able to see in real-time how well your website is performing for your selected keywords, helping you make the appropriate changes for the best results.

Business Intelligence

At a glance

Data is one of the most important elements of your business. However, this information won’t do you much good if you don’t analyze it and use it to your advantage. The good news is you don’t have to spend the time figuring out how to use the data. Our easy-to-use application organizes and analyzes your data, allowing you to digest the information and determine how it relates to the success of your business. This can help you choose the right way to approach your marketing campaign, giving you the opportunity to improve your level of success.

Running a successful business relies on your ability to use the data you collect. With our services, you can improve the way you look at this information and use it to make important business decisions.

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I recommend these guys to any business that’s ready to be found. My experience has been extremely positive when it comes to SEO results that truly count. I plan on using their services on an on-going basis in the future.     I recommend these guys to any business that’s ready to get found online. My experience has been extremely positive when it comes to SEO results that truly count. I plan on using their services on an on-going basis in the future.

Al Verellen

Dean McKenzie

One of the very best marketing decisions I’ve ever made has been to use the marketing services offered by Business Found Online. I have experienced noticeable growth when it comes to organic traffic. The team at Business Found Online continues to demonstrate great knowledge, communications and services that literally end up paying for themselves!

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